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I just realized I was trying to make the title of this post work like LAMB worked for Gwen Stefani. Somehow I think it won't have the same effect...
Anyway! It's Friday, and I'm excited about that for a lot of reasons. Elizabeth and I are making a trip to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum tonight for the sole purpose of re-piercing my nose. Fun stuff! Nothing like a needle going through you to start off the weekend right. But since the inside of my piercing has closed up, this will make it infintely easier to wear nose rings... something I'm not willing to part with until I'm 80. And maybe not even then. #problems
Also, I have to help Laura choose what she's wearing to a wedding on Saturday. This is extremely important and I've actually put it on my calendar. There may have been a trial run last night. I found out that I have very strong opinions about pink vs. beige. (The answer is always pink.)
Switching gears: I'm getting really excited for Thanksgiving. My family is all over the place so I spend most holidays with the other best family I know, the Galeanos. Larissa and Amanda were both my roommates in college at one point, and Larissa and I lived in the same room for three years. Which basically means that we can tolerate each other to the extreme :) I love their family and now that they've added four babies to the mix (!!), it's that much more special.

Just look at Evie's face. I mean, really. Can she get any cuter? And this is her expression 100% of the time. Girlfriend doesn't cry, but she also doesn't smile. She wins the Calmest Baby of the Year award. I wish I could bottle up some of that chill. 
And for your weekend enjoyment, an assortment of songs that I haven't been able to get out of my head for the past week. Sorry/you're welcome.

Listen Gwen... I'm going to make FMBW work. You paved the way!

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