tattoo tuesday

So, most of my weekend was spent at the Baltimore Tattoo Musuem. Elizabeth made me go because she knows a guy that does the piercings there and I needed piercings fixed. Problem #1: my nose ring hole had been closed on the inside for quite some time. Problem #2: I had a ring in my ear cartilage that I couldn't get out and had never taken out. Both got done, but were a little painful-- envision a tool that looks like a small IKEA allen wrench getting pushed through the scar tissue on the inside of my nose. Don't worry, I spared you pictures of that one.
Then Elizabeth and I started talking about our next tattoos, and revisited one idea we've had for more than a year. From my own personal viewpoint, my friendships are extremely important to me. I value my close friends and would do anything to help them. I try to be there for them as much as possible when they need it, and I consider them to be my family. E and I have been through a lot together during the course of our friendship, and we always use the phrase "Corners!" as a way of expressing it. It means that she's in my corner, and I'm in her corner-- always there for each other.
We finally made it happen on Saturday afternoon.

it's above my elbow because E's instagram name is "ellbow". :)

First of all, my tattoo artist looked like Desmond from LOST... I may be watching too much Netflix, but it sold me on him from the get go. (It was the hair.) He's a sweet guy-- I highly recommend him! We talked about how we're too old to go out 'til 2 AM anymore and he made fun of my plans to go to La Palapa later. To which I said, "Don't be a hater, Joe!" It was a good time. Besides the needle pain burning into my arm. (It's not that bad, really.)

I'm happy with how cute it looks and what it means to me... some people might see it as silly, or dumb to get matching tattoos with your friend, or OMG you have to live with that forever! But I just see it as a way to outwardly express my loyalty to friends and honor the most important relationships in my life. It's valuable to me, and my tattoo is forever a reminder of that.


  1. aww, I LOVE it! I have a stripey heart just above my elbow :) It's the smallest tattoo I have and it was also one of the most painful! I also find everyone (even strangers) want to touch it all the time as if it was some button?!

    The Awkward Blog

    1. That sounds so cute!! I don't know why people feel the need to touch tattoos like they have automatic permission... :)