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Today is supposed to be a snow day for us Maryland/DC-ers. Which, as you may well know, means rain. I just drove to work in it. It made me feel melancholy and wished I was still in bed with Gilmore Girls on Netflix and a thick pair of socks. But as I was heading out the door to run to my car, I thought, "This is the perfect time to put on some weather-appropriate music." And so, Broods.
This brother-sister pair from New Zealand makes some of the most beautiful music. They've been performing together their entire lives (how magical is that?), and they remind me of some of my other favorite musicians, like The Naked and Famous. They use synth and pop in a way that hasn't made my heart feel this happy in a long time. And the writing! Don't get me started on the writing. One of my favorite lyrics is, "I remember a time when a kiss on the hand was enough // Because we knew that we were free // And we knew what it meant to be loved."
Trust me-- this makes a rainy day better. Especially if you're driving somewhere for Thanksgiving! Put it on in the car and just let it happen. ;)

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