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Last Friday when I was at the mall stocking up on LUSH products, my friend Elizabeth and I met up with her boyfriend to get dinner. At first we chose PF Changs, a delicious favorite of ours, but it was an hour wait and we were starving. So we headed over to the brand new Seasons 52 to see what the deal was. They were packed as well, but we were able to stalk some people who were leaving and snag a table in the bar area. (Apologies to the nice old man and his wife who I hovered by for the last few minutes before we took your table...)

I'm not a professional restaurant critic or anything, but I do tend to get very critical of food and service when I'm in a new and nice restaurant. I have high expectations! Seasons 52 is cool right off the bat because they change their menu often and keep it seasonal. Honestly, everything looked really amazing and we all had a hard time choosing. Elizabeth is gluten free and she was happy that they had a specific menu for that.
This restaurant is fun in that it's more upscale than your average place, but not so overly fancy that we couldn't go there in jeans after a day of shopping. I always enjoy places that make me feel like I'm in a restaurant I can't afford but I really can ;) Price wise, it's on par with what I would expect fresh, well prepared, seasonal food to be worth. I wasn't shocked by it, nor did I mind the amount I spent. Plus, they had a pianist and singer doing background music, which you know I was all about.
On to the food! I didn't get a cocktail this time, but E started with a mango jalepeno drink that was really good. I had a sip and while I don't typically like spice in drinks, it wasn't overwhelming and I liked it. There was a big debate over whether or not we should get the mushroom soup that our waiter recommended we share, but we didn't in the end. Next time I want to try it! Speaking of our waiter, he was attentive and basically knew everything on the menu by heart. I almost wanted to test him on it but decided that wasn't good dining etiquette. ;)
I ordered the scallops and risotto, as you see above. Ohhhh man. I love a good scallop and risotto is a favorite of mine to order because I never make it at home. I would have killed for a bowl of that alone! It was delicious and perfectly cooked. The scallops were seasoned really well and tasted just as scallops should... light and refreshing. The veggies were crisp and not overcooked or soggy. (PS - you get five scallops with this dish... I got overzealous and ate one before the picture taking!) E got the same dish as I did, but her boyfriend got the swordfish, which was one of the recommendations from our waiter. He said it was really great and enjoyed it a lot.
Overall, this is a great place to meet up with friends for drinks and appetizers (we missed happy hour by 30 minutes, it was sad), a perfect place for a date night, or a fun choice to celebrate something. Someone had a birthday or anniversary while we were there, and the dessert they brought out looked ah-mazing. (Hint hint to all my friends when July rolls around...) If there's a Seasons 52 near you, plan a night out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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