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I’m one of those people who have soft hands all year round… except for winter. UGH, winter and your cold! My hands become dry and cracked so easily, it’s ridiculous. Not to mention that people love to come to work while they’re sick in my office, so I use a ton of hand sanitizer, which dries my hands out even more. Before I know it, I have bleeding knuckles and it’s painful.
My good friend Elizabeth had told me about LUSH’s Dream Cream about a year ago. Silly me, I didn’t listen. In fact, I’m not the biggest fan of hand lotions. They tend to make me greasy, and as someone who constantly works with their hands (typing at work, playing guitar, etc.), I got in the habit of suffering through winter with dry hands. Elizabeth and I went to the mall last weekend for a Sephora fix and some new nose rings (where do they all disappear to?!), and decided to stop by LUSH.
E mentioned that she uses the Dream Cream at night and it did wonders for her, so I decided to pick some up. The grease factor isn’t too much of an issue when you’re sleeping! But the lovely lady in the store also gave me a sample of their Helping Hands lotion to try for the daytime, since my hands are usually at their worst in the office.
First up, the Dream Cream: it’s really thick, has a rosy scent and will absolutely heal your hands of all their issues. E didn’t lie when she said it’s the best at night. I go to bed with dry hands and wake up with soft skin. Plus, I use a little extra in the morning before I leave the house, and that helps as well. It’s actually an all-purpose lotion, not just for hands, so I apply some to my legs and arms after I get out of the shower. It comes in a big tub so I know I won’t be running out anytime soon… worth the money!

The Helping Hands lotion is specifically for hands, so I keep it at my work desk. Like I said, I use tons of hand sanitizer throughout the day and am constantly washing my hands with that generic office soap, so it helps a ton. I just dab a small amount on the backs of my hands where they are the driest, and it soothes them immediately. If I use it on my palms, it does stay lotion-y for a few minutes, but it will soak in and then you’re good to go without feeling like it’s getting all over everything. I haven’t felt like it’s spread all over my computer keyboard yet. ;)

Fun fact: if there is a lotion or cream you’d like to try but aren’t sure about, the staff at LUSH is super great about giving you a sample to take home. My Helping Hands sample hasn’t begun to run out because you only need a tiny bit at a time.  I see it lasting at least a month or two, which is amazing for something small and free! Plus, their products are natural—I love when I can recognize every ingredient listed.  I highly recommend these two products for yourself or a holiday gift!

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