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Let's be honest... office cubicles are just about the ugliest work environment in existance. I've worked in many a office, and they are all gray and boring. When I took my current job about a month ago, I was bound and determined to make the place feel like home. I didn't want to come to work every day and sit in a gray/beige bubble. So over it! With the help of Pinterest and the internet in general, I was able to spruce it up a bit. (Excuse the crappy iPhone photos.)


As you can see, pink was a theme :) My first order of business was to cover up the beige pushpin wall behind my computer. It was just too boring. I found the minty green wrapping paper at Target and measured it out so it would fit... everyone who stops by my cube loves it! Everything came from Target, as a matter of fact. That place was sent from the Lord to help people like me get their lives together. The tray was only $5 and is pretty lightweight, but it just needs to hold my materials and it's perfect for that. The pink cup holding my pens came from the kids drinking cup aisle (that's a thing, I swear) for super cheap. And I had to buy my favorite Inkjoy pens, of course! I found the inspirational quotes on the interwebz and printed them on cardstock so they would be more sturdy. I discovered that one of my coworkers loves Beyonce, so that was a crowd pleaser! And as I've shared before, the Hustle mug is my new favorite.(Check out the rest of Charm&Gumption's shop-- super cute!)

I still have a couple more ideas that I'd like to implement... perhaps twinkle lights for the holiday season, and a banner to go on a wall that's still bare. I'm also drying out my roses from Jude's wedding. "Dead" flowers are so much easier than live ones. I kill them all!

And to start off your weekend right: the latest from Meghan Trainor. It's about a thousand times better than "All About That Bass", if you ask me!

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