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I have to tell you, I am just longing for the days when I can get into work early enough to write a blog post. That's how I like to start my day at a computer-- but with being in training for the new job, it's impossible. And when I get home, I feel like I just want to crash, if I have nowhere else to be. But here's a little catch up info:

∆ Sad to hear about Taylor pulling her music from Spotify. As a musician, I get it. But from the perspective of someone who just sold 1.2 million copies of her album and has all the fame/money in the world? I don't. PS - every time I hear Blank Space on the radio now that it's getting play, I forget that it's her. And that makes me sad too.
∆  The weather is currently bipolar. Warm enough to wear a dress and no coat today, freezing and rainy tonight. Get it together, weather!
∆ Every Wednesday, Laura watches The Walking Dead while I am at band practice. And it seems that I always come home at just the right moment where I have to shriek and cover my eyes and run into a wall as a result.
∆ I may or may not have slammed the coffeemaker door loudly shut at work this week, which made a random woman apologize, thinking I was mad because she took too long. (It was a slip of the hand, I swear...)
∆ Our Halloween buffalo pumpkin received some interesting responses. Because we had our front door open with our outside glass door closed, we could hear everyone come up to the door. One person said, "What is that? Is it...? I think it's a buffalo!" Laura and I silent-laughed hysterically over that one. And then this one woman asked what it was about, and... well, if you've never seen the video, turns out it's pretty hard to explain in person. And sounds straight stupid.
∆ I found my Grumpy Cat wedged in the crack between my bed and the wall... that's kind of how I feel about the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie that's coming out. I have a feeling I'll hate/love it equally.

And now, on to music!

photo via google

Asgeir. I know, sounds weird. But this dude, Icelandic as he may be, makes beautiful music. Think along the lines of Bon Iver, if you like him. He's melodic and soft but uplifting. And the best part is that he just started releasing music to share with the U.S. last year. (AND I love his voice a lot.) He also has a special place in my heart because the day of Jude's wedding, he was playing on the computer in the early morning hours while we were sipping french press coffee and enjoying the quiet before the craziness. His music will always remind me of that morning.

Fill the rest of your week with some good music, friends!

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