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Update from yesterday: I found my lost ring in my bed when I got home. Of course. Never (again) will I ever wear rings on their non-designated fingers!

Also: Tearin' Up My Heart was the first thing playing on the radio when I started my car this morning. So, there's that. This day is already great!

Many things have been making me happy lately:

[images via weheartit, target & nordstrom]

Peppermint bark. I have been eating wayyy too much of this. For the record, it is excellent when smashed up in place of chocolate chips for cookies. You won't ever regret that choice.

Seeing my baby brother while he is home for a week from CO. We did our usual hanging out last night with a million games of NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo (it's mandatory... I reached a 47-point record!). Considering I hadn't washed my hair in about four days, this picture is pretty great. (Bun to the rescue!)

Dogs in Christmas sweaters. Few things make me happier than these little guys being forced into the festive spirit! 

These heated blankets from Target. I have the leopard print one. It's soooo nice to plug it in when I'm sitting on my couch on the computer or watching TV. Nothing feels better than staying snuggly and warm under a blanket when it's 20 degrees outside.

Get ready to judge me: Kate Spade wrapping paper. I don't even care... I love these golden dots and my gifts shall be covered in them! I also might make a crafty wreath out of some of it so it's not a total waste of money. Kate's my girl. And you only live once. :)

Starbucks gingerbread lattes. I never really cared about drinking them before this year. I don't get Starbucks super often. But every time I go now, I have one of these delicious things. That, or a skinny peppermint mocha. I'm down with all the Starbucks skinniness.


Tonight I'm headed to my best friend's house for a little wine, snacking, and movie watching. Every year we have a date where we eat, drink, have girl talk, and watch The Holiday. The best!

Mmm, Jude Law. Love him every time.

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