throwback thursday :: christmas memories

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It's time for some Christmas reminiscing, my friends! I've had some pretty fun moments over the years. Here are my top 5!

1. Dressing my pup up for Christmas. 

Poor Misty (may she rest in peace) always had to deal with us throwing her in sweaters and such when the holidays rolled around. On one hand, she kept warm in the snow. On the other, she probably didn't appreciate the reindeer antlers we forced her to wear and endless bows stuck to her head when we unwrapped presents...

2. Having my Christmas tree fall over. I was taking a nap on my family room couch after school one year, and that thing came crashing down way too close and scared the bejeezus out of me. We always had a really big tree, so it was terrifying. The worst part was that it broke my favorite childhood ornament: my pink, glittery ice cream cone. I'm still sad about that to this day.

3. Opening a present on Christmas Eve. My family had a tradition where we would each open one present on Christmas Eve after we got home from our neighbor's annual Christmas Eve party. My siblings and I came to expect that we would get PJ's from my mom every year without fail.

4. Christmas music. Every Christmas morning, my dad would turn up our big old stereo equipment and we would listen to Christmas music on the radio and records. We would make fun of the dumb holiday songs and sing along to the good ones. Pretty sure that's on a home video somewhere...

5. Christmas Eve bedtime. When my brother and sister and I would go to bed on Christmas Eve, we were often so excited that we would talk to each other for hours before falling asleep. Never mind that it would have been easier to just gather in one room and whisper... we were in our own beds in separate rooms talking loudly through the walls. Annoying for my parents I'm sure, waiting for us to shut up and go to sleep so they could put the presents out!

I'd love to hear your holiday memories and traditions! Share in the comments :)

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