throwback thursday :: some oldies but goodies

I've been listening to some of my favorite old albums recently, and wanted to share for this week's edition of TT. (Look them up if you've never heard them before!) I find that the best part of looking back on older albums is the memories you associate with them, good or bad.

Dashboard Confessional - The Swiss Army Romance. The 10-year anniversary show that I went to for this album was INCREDIBLE. I still remember it, and it was years ago. And it reminds me so much of a good friend I had in college who changed my music world. He was the one who introduced me to Dashboard and Chris Carabba's work.

Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree. This album speaks to my heart, musically and lyrically. It holds a special place with me because one of the guys in the band was best friends with my friend from college who I mentioned above. I'm so glad I got to know these guys in the 10 years the band was together. Their skill was really amazing and all of their work became so personal to me. Brightest, When Paula Sparks, and Testing the Strong Ones are my favorite tracks.

Good Old War - Only Way To Be Alone. I didn't discover this 2008 album until years later, and I'm still mad about it. Since discovering them, I have listened to their other albums as well and my appreciation for them continues to grow. Plus, they have some killer dance moves without even trying. (Speaking of - this band is one of my favorites to see live. Don't miss that opportunity if you get it.)

Paramore - Riot! I remember calling my dad at his work and telling him he HAD to bring home this album for me when it first released. He did and I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Still do! Paramore has been a long-time favorite band of mine since I was searching around on Purevolume with my friend one day and heard them. Haley Williams has the best female vocals and she can't be imitated. Love it.

Joshua Radin - We Were Here. I listened to this album a LOT in college... over and over again. I never get sick of singing along to Winter. And I just love his voice. When I play this record, I get brought back to my college dorm room, relaxing with friends and singing along.

Sara Bareilles - Little Voice. I first saw Sara open for Counting Crows one summer back in the day. I think it was right after this album came out. She was amazing. My friend Meghan that I was with kept telling me, "You need to hear this girl." That night I bought the album and haven't stopped obsessing over her since. (I call Vegas my karaoke song, haha.)

Share some of your favorite throwback albums in the comments!

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