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Happy second-to-last day of 2013! I took off last week to relax and catch up with friends, hence the lack of posts. But I'm back with some great music to start your week off right! It's one of those days where I'm wearing gifts from friends (shoes & jewelry, I mean) and I am running on five hours of sleep, but I don't mind for some reason. (I'm sure I'll feel dead later. Plenty of time left for that.)

On to the music! Sometimes you just hear a guy + girl duo and you immediately love them. I was wrapping Christmas presents one night with Spotify set to a holiday station when the song "Avalanche" came on. No idea how it got in there, but it was meant to be.

image via bandcamp

I really love this description of themselves: 

"He came from Toronto; she, from Seattle.
Both had music in their blood, instruments in their hands, and a mind to create.

The mountains led him to the west; a star led her to the north. 
In Vancouver they met and schooled—studying music and life.
They found promise.
They found love. 

In less than a year they put school on hold, got married, and lived.
With music and purpose guiding them, school called again and to Nashville they went. 
He became an audio engineer; she became a songwriter; music stayed central and they continued to create.

The couple formed Handsome and Gretyl and released their debut EP, Hold On Tight Love, February 2011."

What a fun adventure these two have been on! Their music speaks for itself, really. They're folky, down to earth, and lovely. "Avalanche" is my favorite so far, but I really love that whole record. You can listen to all of their music for free HERE. You have no excuse not to! :) Enjoy and happy Monday!

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