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FACT: My roommate and I are a little obsessed with the show Parenthood. (If you're a girl, you understand.) I have been watching since the first season, and recently she got hooked and started catching up on Netflix. It's been fun re-living all the scenes from the old seasons via snow day marathons! That being said, there is so much good music in this show. I'm always Googling the lyrics so I can remember songs and artists. One of these is Glen Hansard.

In the show, Glen is one of the artists that records at the studio owned by two of the main characters. I was watching him play on that particular episode last night and realized how much I liked him. (Well... he's Irish, so there's that. Already a win.) Then it struck me that I knew him already, just not on his own: he's one half of The Swell Season. He and Marketa Irglova (also of The Swell Season) were in the film "Once" as well. (See that if you haven't already!)  He's also formerly of the Irish band The Frames. Brilliance all around! What a genius.

Here's a taste of what he does:

"Drive All Night", his four-song EP, came out in November. You can stream it for free HERE.

Happy Monday!

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