friday favorites :: ornaments!

I am a Christmas tree ornament lover. This probably stems from growing up when my grandmother would mail our family a new ornament every year. The best ones were my pink glittery ice cream cone, a musical one where two mice danced, my baby ones, and my childhood dog ones. Oh, and one year I did horseback riding, so that Christmas I got a tin of ornaments related to horse things. You know... a bale of hay and such. Ironically, there was no horse in that collection.

Anyway! I wanted to share my lovely findings with you... some to buy, some to make. Be inspired!

1. A crafty way to make a cute diamond ornament. These turned out gorgeous, as pictured!

2. This symbolizes everything I stand for:

3. Glitter, glitter everywhere. Any kind will do!

[images via google and weheartit]

4. Katie's handcrafted ornaments are so beautiful and special.

5. An easy but pretty ornament DIY you can do by yourself or with kiddos.

6. Do any of you guys do the Christmas pickle? I'm German but we never did it... I wish we had! I think it's fun to hide it in the tree and see who can find it first.

Happy Friday & have a good weekend! 

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