friday favorites :: mixed up

My brain has been everywhere this week. Up and down, not able to sleep, wrapping presents, feeling sick, needing desperately to go grocery shopping, etc. But rather than complain, I want to share some of this week's goodness that lifted my spirits. Hopefully if you're having a hard week too, it will help!

1. This cat. Is. Making. My. LIFE. (thanks for this, roommate!) I can't stop laughing whenever I look at it!

2. Sometimes, you just need a reminder

3. This article. Interesting read, especially her thoughts at the end.

4. I didn't grow up making gingerbread houses, but after seeing all the lovely ones people are making this season, I kind of want to start! 

5. This album. Needtobreathe is amazing in person, you guys. My roommate and I were re-living the times we've seen them and we can't wait for their new album to come out so we can see another tour!

6. 50 DIY gift ideas from some of the most creative ladies who blog. (Especially if you need last minute holiday presents!)

7. And from the same ladies... Nutella waffles! YUM.

8. Reasons why Christmas was better in the 90's. YES.

9. A friend of mine has been into "psychobilly" this week... his suggestions: Tiger Army, The Horrorpops, and Nekromantix. Check them out with me! Always fun to listen to something new.

10. Handsome & Gretyl.  (I bet they don't build gingerbread houses.)

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