music monday :: courrier (& christmas wreaths)

First things first: sorry for the lack of posts last week, friends! Holidays are for resting in my opinion... so blogging went on the back burner. Instead, I spent my Thanksgiving with friends, babies, food, and my couch for a much needed break :) Side note: I tried to make a wreath this weekend. My roommate also made a wreath (unplanned). You be the judge and guess which is mine.

Yep, you guessed right... the sparkly white snowstorm. It's currently hanging in my closet so the rest of the world is shielded from its "beauty". My roommate's hangs proudly on our front door.

But enough about me and my suckiness with crafts... I'm back with a brand new Music Monday! Introducing Courrier. They come from Texas and are an alternative band with an affinty for good lyrics. These boys have a song that I've been obsessed with for a while... give it a listen!

Enjoy your Monday and if you happen to make a wreath... avoid making it like mine. ;)

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