throwback thursday :: the night of screaming teens & music machines

Can I be real for a second? This morning has been rough. I woke up after five hours of sleep, got dressed, got to work, and realized the {favorite} ring I had been wearing was no longer on my finger. This angers me and I felt like the only way to feel better was to blog about it.

<rant over.>

Moving on! Last NIGHT, you guys. How's that for a throwback? I went to a fabulous show hosted by the lovely people at 94.7 FM radio. Well... lovely is a term I use loosely. Because they were very loud and too enthusiastic and kept getting on stage to talk about things I didn't care about. Then they would announce that someone was coming on stage when really, they were coming on about 10 minutes later. Example: "And now... get ready for... GAVIN DeGRAWWWWWW!" Followed by screaming and shouting and clapping. Which was followed by... nothing. Because Gavin wasn't ready yet. Come on, radio station peeps.

<rant 2 over.>

Anyway! This show was great... let me tell you a million three reasons why. First of all, I have been waiting to see Sara Bareilles FOREVER. Secondly, her shows are like $50 and ain't nobody got cash for that right now. Third, the whole show was $50 but it included FOUR bands. I  call that a deal. 

FIRST UP! Plain White T's.

I'm not the biggest Plain White T's fan, considering they're more of a teenage fangirl type. But they put on a good show and I have to say, their bass player on the right of the photo was my favorite. Dude can hit a high harmony. He should have been singing lead. They played their usual catchy radio goodness. Can't really argue with people that sound good!

SECOND UP! Matt Nathanson.

Here's what I knew about Matt Nathanson prior to seeing Matt Nathanson: I was obsessed with his first popular record in college. I would prance all over campus listening to that thing. Here's what I learned about Matt Nathanson upon seeing Matt Nathanson in person: the boy is all about sex, sex, and more sex. He only writes about sex, he used analogies like Scrabble to describe sex, and likes to move his hips a LOT when playing music. I found it entertaining. I think my roommate is scarred for life. But all that aside, he is immensely talented and I loved seeing him.

THIRD UP! Gavin DeGraw. This one gets more pictures because I love him.

I haven't seen him play since college, but this man never disappoints me. He is forever great. My vocal chords adore him and he can do no wrong. Especially when he's looking into my eyes like that last picture. (But Sarah... why is that picture so good and all the rest are crap? Lighting, my friends.) He also had some new dance moves. My friends and I approved.

FOURTH AND FINAL: Sara Bareilles!

I've been waiting forever and a day to see this chick. I cannot get over (nor fully express) how amazing she is. She never screws up! She is a flawless singer, one of the most gifted I've ever heard. Although, when she did Gravity, the soul-sucking teenagers behind me were screaming the lyrics during what was supposed to be a beautiful, quiet song. I came THIIIIIS close to shutting them up but Laura stopped me. I now understand the true beauty of 21-and-over shows. I feel like the bands got those kids and their parents back for that one though, because everyone used the f-word and told inappropriate stories. Take that, underage children! Anyway. Sara. She was brilliant and I feel like I can cross a life goal off my list. 

So today I'm exhausted and we stood up for four hours straight and I'm now missing my brand new ring that I loved... but I got to be in the presence of some greatness last night, so it's okay. I'd trade a ring for Gavin and Sara. I will leave you with a favorite of mine from each of them:

Until tomorrow!

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