friday favorites :: galentine's + darth vader = true love

Even though I'm a single chick, I'm not one to shy away from Valentine's Day. Sure, I think people should show each other love all 365 days of the year anyway, but it's FUN! There's candy! And friends! And an excuse to put hearts and glitter all over everything!

Here's an example of why I love it. I was so excited to give this to my roommate:

It's hilarious because she loves to imitate Paula Deen. (Also, that bottom slogan was posted along the Olympic skiing slopes. Why?! What does it mean??)

Here are the top ten ways I'll be celebrating the day!

1. Trying to get rid of a cough I got. I blame walking around in the 15 degree weather. Thanks a lot, winter.
2. Shoveling my car out of the snow (again).
3. Showering.
4. Hauling a bunch of my stuff to the basement so we can paint a room.
5. Trying to decide what to wear since I will be getting out of sweatpants for the first time in 24 hours.
6. Maybe taking a nap.
7. Drinking my body weight in water and hot tea.
8. Watching episodes of 24. (Happy Valentine's Day, Jack Bauer!)
9. Cuddling with Darth Vader.

And finally... 


Taken from Leslie Knope herself. While I strongly suggest incorporating breakfast like she does (I did have "brinner" last night), my gals and I are going to dinner and a movie. I am going to eat all things at PF Changs and make fun of Winter's Tale (because that movie is begging for it). I told Laura that I was going to drink a lot and when I hear this line from the commercial: "Is it possible to love someone so completely they can't die?" I will stand up and say, "... NOPE!" (There is a 10% chance of this actually happening.)

PS - were you confused about #9?

One of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Happy V Day! May the hearts be with you!

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