throwback thursday :: the millionth snow day

I just took this from my front door, and oh man. Close enough to a snowpocalypse! I don't have a ruler on hand, but my friend posted a photo with her ruler almost all the way covered up. The poor schoolkids will be learning until July!

Throwback to this week! Well, as you know, the Olympics are happening. So are a scratchy throat for me (blah) and cooking things! RECAP!

1. Hey there, roommate! She is a beautiful blonde goddess, you guys. Out for drinks and friend times.
2. The most gorgeous and delicious cappuccino from Caffe Pronto. Also a three-hour catch up time with two lovely ladies, and randomly spotting an old friend and a current one. Those are the best days.
3. Mus-tache-room! This made me smile.
4. My roommate is nothing if not an Olympics enthusiast. Two years ago she threw an insane party called "Bubble Wrap Olympics" in the summer because she found an industrial sized roll of bubble wrap in a parking lot. There were bubble wrap competitions. And medals. And drinks. And everyone loved it.

5. Yep. A car drove through a CVS down the street from my office. I got a great view out of my 8th floor window.
6. My dinner of choice lately... kale and eggs.
7. Finally writing after a dry spell of not getting anything out that I'm happy with. I think it's coming back!
8. THIS. People who cry about being single and use V Day as an excuse to say their life sucks is sad to me. I, for one, am having Galentine's Day! Dinner and a movie with some girlfriends is the best.

I'm resisting the urge to play Christmas songs because of this white stuff (why does it never snow like this on December 25?!). But since it's February, I'll leave you with this because it's in my head and the title is quite appropriate for today:

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