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This week has been so insane, I almost didn't get around to posting yesterday. Thankful for a few minutes to breathe this morning! And really looking forward to my weekend... I have plans to have drinks with friends tonight, then go to lunch in Annapolis tomorrow (expect food pictures). To start the relaxation, here are some favorites of the week!

softest hoodie and Trader Joe's Chai. two days in a row (thank you, causal Friday).

i don't know why i think this is so funny... but it is.

I sent these grilled cheeses to my pregnant friend and I'm pretty sure she wanted to kill me. Not to mention she was in the gym at the time... oops! :)

Have you been hearing all the hype about vaccinating your kids? Read this article and then tell me you shouldn't. People are ridiculous. Vaccination is crucial for your children and those around you. (Read the comments too, they're the best and worst.)

If you want to laugh, read 20 Reasons Why White People Can't Be Trusted. Haha!

A great post about social media issues and how God plays a role in them. Worth reading.

I'm only a little bit obsessed with these two. I NEED MORE!

To conclude, I'd like to point out that my roommate told me I was the Avocado Whisperer. This is such a high achievement, you guys! Do you know how hard it is to open an avocado at the exact right time, the tiny window between not ready at all and way too ripe?

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You know what I'm talking about. Happy Friday!

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