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There's something about coming back to work on a Tuesday after having off since Thursday that makes me want to sleep forever. That's how I feel this morning. After late nights and having an irritated throat for days, I could have used one more hour in my bed! But seeing as I'm going to be missing work from Friday to next Tuesday, I can't complain. :) More on that later!

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It may not technically be Monday, but I don't want you to miss out on this chick. I've been posting about Noah Gundersen a fair amount (I am still obsessed with his new album, so good), but have yet to write about his sister. Abby Gundersen usually sings with her brother and is the backup vocal for his album, but she has her own work too. She released a short instrumental album that I love, called Time Moves Quickly. First of all, the Gundersen family's skills are untouchable. Abby has the most clear, amazing voice that adds purity whether she's doing harmony or melody. She is an aficionado of instruments and plays so well. Most of the time you'll hear her on violin, but she showcases her love for piano on her album. It's such a wonderfully soothing album to listen to. It's calming but not boring. It's beautiful and simple while being complex. She makes her work sound effortless (which I also think about her voice). She is refreshing.

On top of that, she's the most lovely person. I had a little chat with her the first time I saw Noah and his siblings when they were the opener at a show a couple years ago. She is a beautiful girl inside and out, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again in March!

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