throwback thursday :: vacation

As the 16 degree weather welcomed me this morning, I felt a very strong sense that I hate winter and would much rather be where I was two days ago: sunny Fort Lauderdale, with its 80 degree breezes and beach times. Anyway... here's the backstory behind this trip. Last February, my friend Elizabeth and I went to see Further Seems Forever at one of our small, local venues. We went to dinner before the show and were sitting next to some dudes who looked like they were in a band. After we got to the show, we saw them on stage and realized they were the opener, Civilian. We both really liked their music, so after a little chat and drinks after the show, E offered them her house because they didn't have a place to stay that night. And thus a friendship is born! Ryan was so nice to offer to let us come visit and stay with him. We had a great time and I am really looking forward to going back at some point.

my girl!

palms everywhere.


beachin'. love this chick.

i am grilled cheese obsessed. this thing had like, 15 cheeses.

he took us to some awesome places. so good.


what a way to start the morning.

the backyard view.

give me all the sun & sand!

Art Walk. that whole wall is books and i'm obsessed with it.

we checked out some art in Miami.

We had the best time and I was so sad it was only four days. I need more of this in my life! And check out Civilian's music when you get a second... the guys are so talented and their record is one of my favorites.

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