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Yesterday was full of insanity for me. I feel like I could have slept five more hours this morning (ever have a day like that?). So today I treated myself by not looking like a hot mess. (You're welcome, world.) Even though we women can wear tights under dresses, it's still been too cold for me this winter. I've stuck to over-the-knee socks under my dress pants. But it's warmer this week, so I have on my gray sweater dress, leggings, and new boots!

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I love these styles. And I love that they can be worn from a cooler spring day with bare legs as well as winter with layers. Best of all, they look so thought out but really, you just have to throw them on! I'm all about it.

And to start your day, here's this:

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  1. I absolutely love sweater dresses! I think they are the best item ever.