the talk :: as of late

 Re-watching all eight seasons of 24 on Netflix. I have to be ready for the comeback!

 Nickel Creek is going back on tour! This is a life dream moment.

 I just got a whole bunch of new books from the library. The Sprouted Kitchen is one I'm excited to start on and get some new recipes!

 Speaking of recipes... this week's lunch is quinoa stuffed red peppers. So good and I love not having to think about incorporating a vegetable.

 Confession: this is the first year I did my taxes all by myself with no help. It's the little things.

 This morning my windshield wipers were frozen to my car. Very unhelpful in the defrosting process. I think I'm moving to Hawaii.

 I spent the Super Bowl with my best friend, her husband, and their puppy this year. We had delicious (and healthy!) homemade margherita pizza. Also, asparagus with parmesan cheese is the best side dish ever. 

 It's possible that I am going back to Sweet Lobby for the first time in forever on Saturday! They have the best macaron flavors. I can't resist getting a whole box and trying to make them last as long as possible!

 Did anyone else forget the Olympics are starting this weekend? 

 Three words: apple cider mimosas.

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