friday favorites :: end of february edition

I've never been so happy to title a post "end of February." Let's get on with spring already! I'm done feeling like I've been locked in a deep freezer for days. Here are some current favorite things to get me through this obnoxiously cold time:

 My faint tan lines
▲ Dark chocolate almond milk & banana smoothies
▲ Upcoming shows (if I go too long without live music I don't feel right)
▲ Going to Preakness this year to watch Lorde twitch around:

all images via google

▲ Nick Miller, always:

▲ Going to the library. Also, never buying an e-reader. NEVER.
▲ Almost falling down the stairs at least once a week and then laughing about it (after a while, it just gets hilarious. PS - socks are slippery)
▲ Creating a spreadsheet to get all my loans paid off this year (no idea if this will work, but it doesn't hurt to try! Well, it might hurt my bank account... whatever. It just makes me feel better. I'm such an adult right now, aren't I?)
▲ Parenthood.
▲ This face scrub. I got the travel size for my trip to FL and it has made my skin feel amazing. I don't know why this one is so great for me, but it's honestly the best one I've ever used!
▲ This song (so good):

In other news... I am sponsoring Smile and Wave this month, so be sure to head over and check out Rachel's posts! Until next week...

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