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I've felt lately that I've been struggling to find the perfect balance of music + lifestyle in this space. This is a blog I started to showcase music. But I also have a very busy, lovely social life, and I'd like to share that too. Yesterday's post got me thinking about the importance of sticking to my original goal: introducing musicians that my readers may not have heard of. After I announced the Music Monday post on Instagram (@sarahfisch), Josh Mhire was nice enough to respond and show his appreciation. That is why I do what I do. Not for the recognition part of it, but so musicians that I feature will know they are heard and their hard work is worth it. I'll still share my life on here, but I want to try to keep the music going at the same time. :)

On that note... another album came out today that I am dying to share with you! I've mentioned Noah Gundersen on the blog before. He released "Ledges" today, and I am so excited to give it a listen. "Cigarettes" is already one of my favorite songs, having heard him play it live. Here's a little bit of why you should check him out:

Also this, with his insanely talented siblings. I almost cried the first time I heard them do this live:

You can listen to "Ledges" on Spotify or get it here, and listen to Noah's older work here. I can't wait to see him next month!

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