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Isn't my best friend lovely? This is the start of our weekend as of last night... a fun World Cup night with American Outlaws Annapolis. So fun!

This weekend I am having a sleepover with my girlfriends (maybe the last one before Tricia gets married last month!!), possibly doing brunch (my love language), then heading to the beach until Monday! Coincidentally, my best friend and her husband will be coming to the beach Monday, so I may meet up with them for the USA v Ghana game that night. Always a good time at the beach... I never want to come home! 

I'm feeling a lot better about life this week and I hope that feeling stays. I have been going through so much discontent and discouragement this month, so I'm ready to kick that to the curb!

Now I'm off to eat mac & cheese and finish up some work... enjoy your weekend!

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