This weekend was so necessary for me to recharge my batteries. I've been feeling stressed out about work and life, often feeling like I'm trying so hard but getting nowhere. Spending time with my best friends and being in the sunshine and screaming for our team at the top of my lungs at the USMNT game really helped. And breakfast the next morning with iced coffee and the most delicious bagel sandwich.

best friends.

photo by AO Annapolis... we're at the very top (see my red wig?)

with old friends & new... our "vamily" (that's what you're called when you travel in a 12 person van for 6 hours together)

alicia, tresa, and me!

oh when the Yanks go marching in...

So refreshing to laugh and have a good time without worries. I haven't felt that in a while. I'm determined to keep that feeling even though it's over.

On a more "music monday" note-- I know that everyone has been on the Lana Del Ray kick for quite some time. I never really got into her except for the radio hits. But I decided to listen to both of her albums front to back this week, and I love them. She has such a unique writing style and is so random. When I genuinely stop and listen to her lyrics, half the time I'm amazed and the other half shocked (in a good way). And her sound is so moody-meets-random-meets-truth. She's quite the expressive artist.

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