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Over the weekend, I saw an example of blog musicianship that was too good to pass up. Do you guys read The Secret Life of Bee? This chick (Bri) is so cool. I mean, really. I laugh hilariously at the videos she makes while driving in her car (safely, of course), and her daily take on life. Why don't we live closer so we can be good friends? Ugh. 

The point here is that she is a really talented singer. Luckily, so are her sisters. This gem was posted over the weekend and I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if they could one day sing at my wedding?" I concur that it would be fabulous.

And here are some others (via Bri's YouTube because I am a stalker):

I'm a singer too, but I don't have the siblings like she does! Amazing talent. Visit Bri's blog and search for more of her videos there!

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