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Do you ever stop and think about how wonderful it is that you are an adult and can do whatever you want?  I often do. It's the little things that make your mid-twenties (or older) that much greater. I give you...

my top ten list of reasons why growing up is the greatest:
  1. You can make a whole frozen pizza just for you. I mean, you can share with your friends if you want. But mostly, you could just eat the whole thing yourself.
  2. You can watch Netflix until 2 AM with no judgment. You have to get up for work at 6? Who cares! One more episode of Freaks & Geeks won't kill you.
  3. You can drive wherever you want, whenever you want. Spontaneous trips, bailing on work early, getting a random pedicure, hitting up the library, unplanned happy hour, staying out late... ALL THINGS.
  4. You can take a real vacation with friends instead of family. I know people still love taking trips with their families. That's cool. But I like trips with my friends more, and since I'm an adult, I can take one any time I want and do whatever I feel like doing.
  5. You make all the decisions. Sometimes this one can be tricky... if you're like me, you don't know where you're ending up in life, especially career-wise. But I get to make those choices and hopefully life will turn out great! (And only get input when I decide I want it.)
  6. Eating breakfast for dinner and other such ideas. I had a Popsicle before dinner the other day, too.
  7. You can finally be interested in things your parents never let you do. Like play guitar (me) or live in another country for a year (my friend Emily) or paint your walls bright purple (my roommate + our kitchen).
  8. You can get a pet that you've always wanted! Dog, cat, iguana, hedgehog, snail... I don't know what you like. But now you can get one :)
  9. Shopping and spending as much money as you care to. $200 for one Target trip is not unheard of...
  10. Living with your friends and having the time of your life. Or, getting married and living with that person. OR, living by yourself with your dog! Basically, living however you want!
And there you have it-- this week I'm going to spin class, having a sleepover with my girlfriends, going out dancing, getting a two-hour massage, and heading to the beach for the weekend. (#11 - you'll sleep when you're dead!)

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