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Lately, this song is all I've been listening to in my car:

Don't hate, I love it.

In other news... a lot is happening around here this week. World Cup events + doctors appointments + girl's night + job interview + concert + birthdays + BUSY. But it makes for a good life, though no room for any more insanity. But I do need a haircut... maybe I can squeeze one more thing in :) Here are the best parts of right now:

+ celebrating my teacher friends reaching the end of the school year with sangria-swirled margaritas
+ finally purchasing a big barrel curling wand so my long hair can get right
+ buying friends legit birthday gifts that I know they will love
+ losing brain cells over The Bachelorette with girlfriends
+ plans to start a 90's cover band with Brooke (we're not kidding)
+ popsicles all day, every day
+ USA soccer... come on you Yanks! (Thursday, vs Germany!!)
+ going to the dentist and discovering I don't need another root canal
+ windows-open weather
+ my nails are longer than I've ever had them. MUST NOT BITE.
+ holding my friend's tiny baby. also, seeing a 6-foot tall man holding a tiny baby.
+ texting conversations about beer & hashtags
+ four words: work from home days
+ feeling optimistic about the future

and there you have it.

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