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I know, I'm behind on the maxi dress craze. Here's why: I never found one I liked! I loved all the ones I saw on my friends. I envied strangers from afar. But I never saw one that I wanted. I tried one on once. It didn't fit right, so naturally, I gave up. :)

My weird thing about maxi dresses is that I want them to be looooong. Longer than my ankles. I want it to come all the way down to my feet, if not past. Most of the maxis I've found stop too short for my taste. Then my 6 foot tall roommate bought a maxi skirt. It looked great on her! I couldn't get over how this beautiful, tall girl found a skirt that looks appropriately long on her. I decided to give maxis another shot.

Almost by accident yesterday, I stumbled upon the maxi dress section at Target. I was surprised to find not one, but two dresses that I loved!

The bottom one is perfect for a summer wedding I have next month. I am playing guitar and it can be tricky to find a dress that works. I don't trust strapless to stay up (especially with a guitar strap on, which can move things around), and I don't like to wear too short of a dress while I'm standing up in front of everyone. This was the perfect solution! I can't wait to dress it up. The other one I just really loved and wanted for a fun night out. Maybe I'll wear it to dinner at the beach this weekend!

I'll be on the hunt for more casual options like this:

Because who can resist a good stripe?

Where do you get your favorite maxis from?

all images via target.com.

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