throwback thursday :: beach recap

I spent this past weekend at the beach with my godson Lucas, his family, and a few friends. Lucas's dad Dan is my oldest college friend... it's almost been 10 years now! We only spent a semester at college together but became best buddies quickly. It's so cool to see him as a father! They live about two hours away from me currently, so I jumped on the chance to spend time with them when they invited me to the beach. We had a lot of fun, from staying up late and catching up to beach times and boardwalk adventures.

Dan is a pale ghost, so he had to stay covered up ;)

Lucas is just the best. He LOVES the beach.

we went to Dogfish Head in Rehoboth for Father's Day... samplers galore! (that 120 is no joke)

Lucas's first time on rides!

always my car buddy :) 
(PS that thing around his shoulder is a wooden snake. he loves making hiss noises.)

we did the carousel together!

his blurry "CHEESE!" face haha and that starfish is a really heavy doorstop. go figure.

in love with this for the name & graphics alone!

before heading home. he was exhausted but gave me the sweetest hug and kiss.

a photo snapped by Britt's MIL. love that she captured this haha

Can't wait for another visit! 

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