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> trying to figure out what the password to my work voicemail is. (no idea.)
> drinking copious amounts of ginger and lemon tea.
> getting excited over finding a bag of spinach/kale blend at the grocery store.
> we're going Christmas tree shopping on Sunday!
> twinkle lights and glass snowflakes in our front window.
> kind of looking forward to the Victoria's Secret fashion show because T. Swift is performing.
> i did Black Friday shopping online at Sephora and received a ton of free samples. i love!
> i bought a dress for New Year's, which i will be spending with my best friend. can't wait.
> when it's cold outside and i'm lounging on the couch, i want nothing more but a puppy in my lap.
> seeing Chadwick Stokes (from Dispatch!) tonight... yaaaaasssss.
> listening to 1989 anytime i drive anywhere.
> my brother is coming home from Colorado in a couple of weeks, yay!
> my long hair is super annoying right now. i might try to donate a year early...
> December = Christmas parties and snow and a thousand presents to wrap and busy.
> i've worn snowflake leggings and a men's henley waffle shirt to bed every night. insane comfort.
> my favorite local bar ran out of their pumpkin brew early this year. so sad.
> trying to decide between a mandolin or ukelele for Christmas. it's just too hard.
> listening to my favorite Christmas album of all time, NSync. some things never change.

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