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Last night my friend Sarah and I ventured to DC for a show we just couldn't miss. Chadwick Stokes (of Dispatch and State Radio) was playing in one of my favorite venues, The Hamilton Live. Sarah is from Boston, so she has a fun personal connection with Dispatch. I always love when you can put a story behind musical association.
So, the reason why I love The Hamilton so much is because 1) intimate venue, and 2) the food. Oh, the food. It's a little pricey but so good! I'll just let you look at the picture below:

That would be a carbonara pizza. I was all about that fried egg. The dude sharing a table with us thought I was crazy. Also, #bacon.

Another part of the small venue experience is getting to see really talented openers up close and personal. I found a new favorite last night... a couple of cool Boston girls that call themselves Leo Leo. The lead singer, Vanessa, has this amazing soprano, jazzy voice that I equate a bit to Feist and the lead singer of Tennis. And the drummer, Sarah (love the name, obviously), is so full of life and shows every bit of that to the crowd. I loved seeing her smile throughout all the songs. Plus, she's kick-ass at what she does.

Then, the main event. I'd seen State Radio before back in college, and I knew it would be amazing. But I didn't know what to expect musically. I hoped for a combo of Chad's solo stuff, State Radio and Dispatch-- and I got my wish! He played a mix of all three, and it was so good. He had a band of about five or six people, and that was an awesome experience. There was a girl in the back that played everything. Keys, bass, mandolin, banjo... I wanted to be her. And the vocals were incredible, with four people singing harmony at any given time. I was in heaven. Plus, the throwback factor during the Dispatch songs was great. I definitely felt some college nostalgia.

If you're near the DC area, I highly recommend keeping up on what shows The Hamilton has coming up. Every time I go, I love it more. They host all kinds of artists and it's always insanely affordable with a close-up feel. And if you do one thing this week, make sure you check out Leo Leo!

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