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For months, a group of us had tickets to see Newsies at The Hippodrome in Baltimore. I love a good show, especially one set in 1920's old New York. I made Laura watch the 1992 movie with baby Christian Bale the night before we went... so good. :) We got all dolled up and even threw on some red lipstick (overachieving, for me)! And you can't tell, but I got my hair cut that morning. Well, trimmed. Dead ends, you know.
The show was awesome... if you get a chance to see it, go! We really enjoyed it. Even though I'm hooked on the movie version for life, I didn't mind the subtle changes they made. After the show, a few of us went for a nice Italian dinner at La Tavola in Little Italy. It's been a while since I've had a classy, authentic Italian meal, and I wasn't disappointed! Whenever I can get fresh gnocchi, I'm a happy camper. I had a glass of Merlot and a goat cheese salad too. Yum!

I rarely ever order dessert, but I can never pass up real tiramisu. Never ever. The white chocolate stick made it even better.

It's so fun to go to a musical and dinner-- especially for a girl's night out! Check out The Hippodrome if you're in the Baltimore area. We have tickets to see Wicked next, and I can't wait!

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