music monday :: dry the river

I found out about Dry the River because when my friend/honorary sister Jude got married, she planned her honeymoon around going to see their show. Which made me think, "Wow, they must be a big deal." Plus, Jude has great taste in music, so who am I to question that?

These alternative Brits have something good going. I'm a fan of what some people would call "weird" music... but really, I just like bands that have a unique style. I think Dry the River has enough of that to satisfy me, but would still make any other listener happy. The vocals have depth and the writing is meaningful. I always like bands that use a wide variety of instruments, not just the standard guitar, bass, drums. There are horns and mandolins and keys, oh my!

Listen to their debut album, "Shallow Bed", first. Debut records are usually best, in my opinion.

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