currently :: 006


^ loving this necklace that Laura gave me for Christmas. how pretty is that?!
^ wading around the amounts of (unwrapped) gifts in my bedroom. must take care of that.
^ missing friends that don't live here anymore (Zack & Emily, if you read this... move back please!)
^ realizing that being an adult means remembering to water the Christmas tree twice a day.
^ drinking chocolate mint tea in the afternoons.
^ watching the final season of LOST! our lives will be so empty after it's over.
^ spending time with my brother before he leaves tomorrow.
^ listening to the Evergreen album over and over.
^ not giving in to buying a Kindle and checking books out of the library. (forever.)
^ sushi dates and fortunes that make no sense.
^ ordering prints from Instantly Framed. it makes an amazing gift and they ship so quickly.
^ finally giving Laura her Christmas gift of Taylor Swift tickets and not having to keep it a secret anymore!
^ snuggling under the knit *NSync blanket that I found in the closet of my childhood bedroom. (judge me.)
^ re-watching favorite episodes of The O.C. with my brother while he's in town. the pilot & Chrismakkuh are the best. also, playing lots of NBA Jam on super nintendo as per tradition.
^ collecting the little sprigs that fall off the Christmas tree and placing them decoratively around the house.
^ chronically forgetting to put my new registration stickers on my car (oops).
^  feeling thankful for good times in the midst of some stress.

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