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I fell down the blogging rabbit hole this week. Things have been a little slow at work since we just passed a deadline, but I've been keeping myself busy! One click leads to another and all of a sudden, you have a million new blogs to keep up with. 

I wanted to share my findings with you because these ladies are creative, fun to read, and are exactly the type of blog I browse often. Jackpot!

Man D  :: One look through her travel photos, and I was hooked. I now feel the need to fly to Paris on a whim!

Le Blog de Betty :: First of all, can you get any cuter than her blog header? I think not. Secondly, she has great style that one can only dream of imitating. It's best left to her, I say.

What Olivia Did :: Style, adventures, cooking... this girl's life looks so fun. It's becoming more apparent that living outside of the U.S. seems more fun in general. ;)

J for Jen :: I really love what Jen wears (that tartan scarf!!) and enjoy following her travels around the UK.

The Little Magpie :: This blog makes me want to scream, "Can I please be part of your world??" (Cue "The Little Mermaid" soundtrack.) But really. Amy is a Scottish beauty who has incredible taste and I can't imagine anyone not loving what she's producing in her space.

I love new favorites to keep up with in the blog world... happy reading!

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