music monday :: dawn & hawkes

Greetings from the 39843 snow day we've had this year. It's March! Rant over.

Today's post is inspired from an episode of The Voice that I watched last week. Yeah, I know. Can't I do better than people auditioning for quasi-reality TV? Yes, I can... but I really liked these two. Plus, this is my blog, so I'll share who I want to! ;)

Dawn & Hawkes is a super cute husband-wife band that I would typically not be interested in at all if you were to ask me randomly. I have a thing about cheesy "we fell in love and now we write music together" scenarios. Probably because I would secretly love for that to happen to me but the likelihood is 0%. Anyway. I heard these two audition on The Voice and I really liked what I heard. Listen for yourself:

See what I mean? I listened to their other music on Spotify and I still liked them. That's a good sign. I like the ease in which they play and their style. The talent can't really go unrecognized, and their voices fit together really well (guess that makes sense since they're married and have unlimited practice time). You can listen to their work here if you don't have Spotify.

Check them out!

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