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Is anyone else so ready for the weekend? I know I am. Today I got up at 6, drove to work, paid for parking, got into my building (which was deserted), logged in to my computer, and got a phone call from my boss saying, "Oops, I should have called you yesterday, but I forgot. Our team is working from home." Which is why this post is titled "glass half full." My original reaction was to be pissed that I had paid for parking and gotten dressed and drove to work this morning. Then I realized I could just go home and work on my couch and that is a nice feeling. I'll take it. 

PS, here are two songs that woke me up as I was driving.

Opposite ends of the spectrum, but sometimes that's what it takes to stay awake! On to favorites!

1. This lunch with Brooke yesterday. After Chick-fil-A breakfast (a rare treat), we had nothing in her house for lunch. So we made cheddar omelets with avocado and split a Mike's Hard Peach Lemonade. PEACH! It was so amazing. And we watched Pitch Perfect while eating, so that was even better. (Ignore the weird lighting, the sun was being crazy.)

2. Black/floral dress, leather jacket, boots combo as talked about in Wednesday's post. I'm dying for the warm weather to come back so I can wear this again!

3. My new army jacket from H&M. I just got it in the mail yesterday... it must have sold out after I bought it because it's no longer available (similar image above via google). It was $30 instead of $70... I'm proud of that deal!

image via google

4. This stuff is great. I layer it on over lip primer or Burt's Bees lip balm (my current favorites are grapefruit and pomegranate). If you put on a lot at first it wears off, but leaves you with a light layer of pink. It's a nice burst of color for a weekend night out!

5. Marylanders - this CSA is awesome. You can customize what you get, and they have amounts that are just right for single people, not just families! They have a lot of different places to pick up, which is convenient. If you're looking for a CSA, see if this one fits the bill.

6. If you're in the Columbia, MD area... I bought this Living Social deal and I am so excited to relax! There are lots of others to choose from, too. Thank God for deals like these; they keep me sane!

7. Feel + Flourish's blog post on TEMPER rings was awesome. Check out this jewelry and their story!

8. White Oak Tavern in Ellicott City is delicious. Go check it out if you haven't already! It's good for so many things... date night, girl's night out, happy hour, friend or family gatherings. I miss Jilly's sometimes, but this is a good replacement :)

9. My right eye has been red and irritated lately, so I've been taking a break from my contacts and wearing my glasses. People rarely see me with them on so they've been getting a nice, nerdy surprise this week ;) Mine are from Bonlook... such a good company, and my glasses arrived in a box with confetti and a Dum Dum lollipop! Happiness.

10. Trader Joe's dark chocolate edamame is one of my favorite post-dinner snacks these days. Just enough to satisfy my need for chocolate, but not a full-blown dessert that will ruin my good eating habits! The only challenge is not eating the whole container at once!

Enjoy your weekend my loves! Until next week...

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