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For today's What They Wore, I wanted to share one of my favorite fashion blogs! I've been following this chick's fashion for a long while. She has amazing style and I find myself trying to find cheaper options of what she's wearing so I can be a copycat ;)

Introducing Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific (@blaireadiebee). Here are some of my favorites from her (all photos via the atlantic pacific blog):

My favorite Kate Spade dress worn as a top with a neon skirt thrown over the whole thing?! Bliss.

It's been a dream of mine to be able to wear a leather skirt and pull it off. She has given me some good ideas...

She does colorblocking so well. And it makes me want summer to get here immediately.

The classy casual! The ripped jeans! I can't even.

All of this. Every bit. 

Now go read her entire blog, all of you!

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