friday favorites :: TGIF!

It's a mystery to me why we have stopped using the phrase TGIF... because really, I am so happy it's Friday.

Today has turned into an unexpectedly perfect day. The weather is typical spring, sunny but breezy jacket weather. I get to work from home today so I spent some time spinning a Fleetwood Mac record and sending out weekly reports in sweatpants. Then  I got a glorious phone call from my good friend Cait, who just bought a house in DC with her husband. We talked for a while and then decided I should just come over since I can work from anywhere and I have been dying to see her new place. So into DC I drove, and saw her gorgeous 1920's house with a porch swing and old school spiral staircase and a great big tree in the front yard. I am so happy they get to live here and raise their future children in such an awesome house. She is in the middle of painting all the walls and I am happily typing away. :)

Some favorites of this week:

- Potbelly coffee milkshakes
- Best friends reuniting
- Laughing to tears with my roommate
- Bad Lip Reading - the new Twilight one kills me! And the first Twilight.
- Beach Boys tunes ("Kokomo" always reminds me of my elementary school ballet class)
- Dashboard Confessional while driving with the windows down and screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs (perfect for a bad day haha)
- Open windows and tulips in my garden
- Messages from old friends
- A water main break that shut off our water for a night so we have tons of water bottles in our house, yay hydration!
- I got a surprise $10 off from my massage place because I referred a friend. Best piece of mail ever! Massage immediately scheduled for Sunday! Can't wait.
- Pedicures with my best friend. I always pick pinks... she convinced me to do a dark purple and I loooooove it.

Have a great weekend you guys!

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