the talk :: pro vs. con

Today has been one of those days. 

1. Wake up. Put on a cute dress. Get out the door on time. 

2. Find your highway ramp shut down. Circle around to find the other ramp shut down. Get on the alternative highway. 

3. Sit in traffic. Be blinded by the sun so you can't see the street signs. Miss a bunch of turns. Arrive at work an hour late. 

4. Feel like your cubicle-ridden life is going nowhere.

I was the picture of discouragement and generally bummed out today. I barely moved from my desk and didn't feel like talking to anyone. Starting the day badly usually sets the tone for the rest of it, and I was no exception. Now that I have sweatpants on, I think it's time to pull a Rory Gilmore and make a pro-con list.


1. The weather was nice
2. I wore a cute outfit
3. I wanted an unhealthy burrito, but I was good and did not eat one.
4. I now get to have a relaxing night at home and ignore that this day even happened.


1. So much traffic. So many obstacles.
2. People were all over the internet about how HIMYM had a great ending. You are all lying to yourselves.
3. April Fools is annoying. Who invented this day?
4. I'm still craving a burrito.

Except for the burrito part, the pros outweigh the cons. And I sort of feel better. I leave you with some goodness that was playing on the radio on my way home:

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