journal day 10 :: what are you good at?

This week's Sometimes Sweet journal prompt got me thinking. Usually I have a quick answer to the below question... but I wanted to dig deeper. 

Quite simply, what are you good at? All of us have particular strengths- what are yours? This week, talk about these talents, big or small. Ideas: discuss how you use these things in your daily life or job, how you discovered a knack for this or that, perhaps even touch on whether or not you are passionate about the things you're good at.

I have always said I am good at two things: English (I was a Lit major at college) and music (I've been a musician since third grade). The rest of those school subjects can go right out the window ;) I am horrible at math, science is interesting but I could never pass chemistry class, history is cool but can be boring. I have always been excellent at spelling, grammar, and writing. I love it so much that I used to type pages of stories on my dad's typewriter before we had a computer. I also used to get in trouble for reading books in class in elementary school. The library was my favorite place. And I played flute for 10 years starting in third grade, ending with my senior year of high school before going to college and picking up guitar, singing, and recording. Today, I am happy to say that I use those two skills daily. I am the worship director at my church along with writing my own music. My professional job deals with publications, so that English degree didn't go to waste, dad! ;)

This question made me think about what I'm good at internally. I have been told by my roommate and others that I am a super loyal person. I think that's true... I care so much about my friends. I would do anything for them. I have always been a good listener. I enjoy hearing someone talk about life and if they need help, offering advice. If not, I like just being there for them. Everyone needs someone to trust, you know? 

The other side of the coin is this: what can I be better at? This is something I've been thinking about this week. I will never claim to be a perfect person, but in my head, I can be pretty hard on people when they make mistakes. (I know I do, too.) I'm one of those people who is just wired to be everywhere on time, to carefully plan, to never lose my keys or wallet or lock myself out of the house, etc. Real talk: It's hard for me to understand people who are more scatterbrained or don't think things through. My dear friend Sarah made me a piece of art for Christmas that says "You don't have to have it all together." I love it because it's such a good reminder for me, and a reminder to have more grace toward people who are my opposites.

What are you good at? Write a response and post the link on Sometimes Sweet in the comments of today's post!

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