music monday :: the war on drugs

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Happy rainy Monday, friends. Rain like this calls for some good music (while inside and warm and not at work), am I right? 

The dudes of The War on Drugs hail from Philly. Not so far away that I can't call them my own :) They have a hazy, dreamy, sound that makes me fall in love with them every time. Exhibit A:

They go back and forth between upbeat rock and slower, contemplative songs. Something for everyone, I say! Sometimes I feel like I'm listening to a band from the 80's when I hear them, too...

And they have some lovely Bob Dylan-esque things going on:

At least, I think so. But you can be the judge! My friend Emily saw them in San Fran this past weekend, and I was jealous. They're coming to me later this month, but it's sold out. Next time around!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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