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Making: a playlist for my good friend's due date (any day now!)
Cooking: tacos & all kinds of grilled things.
Drinking: water with lime left over from squeezing into guacamole.
Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.
Wanting: good job prospects.
Playing: Aerosmith in the car, Stevie Nicks on my record player.
Wasting Time: watching old episodes of Laguna Beach.
Wishing: that there were more hours in the day.
Enjoying: nights at home with my roommate.
Liking: these warmer mornings with no chill in the air.
Wondering: is it time to finally get a credit card?
Loving: having a place to call home.
Hoping: that my best friends stay in my life forever.
Needing: to go grocery shopping. desperately.
Smelling: tulips for days!
Wearing: my daily uniform -- black pants, nice shirt, cardigan.
Following: a beautiful mess -- the black bean burger recipe!!
Noticing: that a little goodness goes a long way.
Knowing: my future will be fine no matter what. (must remember that.)
Thinking: i'm really lucky that i don't have to work nights.
Bookmarking: buzzfeed articles to send to my roommate later. 
Giggling: over Jimmy Fallon and his dancing panda.
Feeling: excited for my friend's baby to be born so soon!!

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