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Guys! So sorry I missed Friday's post. I really did have some favorites lined up for you! But the weekend was super busy... as you probably know by now, you will rarely find me sitting at home. Which means you also will not find me sitting at home blogging :) I try to get my blogging done right after work or super early in the morning, but things just got away from me last week. Forgiven? Okay, thanks. 

So, today I was at work. The harsh florescent lights were off because the people that usually flip them on obnoxiously when they come in were let go from the company (sorry about that, but I won't miss my eyes being burned every day without warning). It was dark (relatively, we have windows) and peaceful. Everyone was just quietly working and it was lovely. I thought to myself, "I need some music." I looked for my headphones and couldn't find them... I usually keep them in the back pocket of my purse but I had taken them out recently. I assumed I left them at home and was really sad. Then I decided to check again, and there they were! Headphones! Buried in the corner of the back pocket. Sad to happy in .5 seconds.

All of this leads to The Honey Trees.

image via google.

Here's the first thing I thought of when I was listening to this guy + girl duo. I was reminded of the sweet Priscilla Ahn (it's a good thing, listen to her too). It was dreamy, significant, and transported me even further into the calm zone of my dim-lit office without any of the stress. Their new album, Bright Fire, was just released last week and is the perfect relaxation record. Quiet tones, beautiful voices, no distractions. And a lot of obvious talent.

You can buy their album here

Also, my iPhone just told me I had an update for my Afterlight app. You know what it says the update is for? "Our good friends The Honey Trees have created a new Guest Filter called Bright Fire, named after their brand new album." I kid you not, THAT JUST HAPPENED. Timing is everything!

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