what they wore :: 2014 fashion, explained by pat benetar

Currently, little Crosley and I are enjoying some Pat Benetar. As in, this:

Can't help but love it. Which got me thinking... minus the hair, a lot of her 80's-ness has come back full circle. Allow me to explain:

The one shoulder thing. It's come back to haunt us. Don't believe me? Go out dancing on a Saturday night. You'll understand. Also, wedding dresses.

The scarf, first of all, is so in right now. Not to mention everyone and their mom is trying to sell "vintage" brooches on Etsy. Also, leather gloves are timeless. Girl knows how to accessorize.

1. Chevron.
2. Leather pants (H&M has plenty for you to choose from). 
3. Leather booties.

I do believe I spy either chambray, or a denim vest. Both have been reinvented by the hipsters of America.

Bandeaus can be found on the regular at American Apparel or Forever 21. And they are for layering, particularly with blazers (minus the shoulder pads). We are going to ignore her bottom half.

Tunic over leggings? Belt around the middle? Hello 2014. And I believe I just did a post about fringe.

See, Pat? We haven't totally forsaken you. Except maybe this...

Whew. Let's never get back to that point.
[all images via google.]

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