music monday :: alt-j

Today someone at the office asked me if I was all right, and when I said yes, proceeded to seriously ask me if I had a black eye. No, I just look that tired, I guess. A reminder to use my under eye concealer tomorrow. Happy Monday!

Anyway. Alt-J is an English indie band who I like for several reasons. 

1) They remind me of my "little sister" Jude, who is not my biological sister at all, but a sister in spirit nonetheless. She loves them.
2) Their name is actually a symbol, "∆", which can be typed on a Mac using the Alt + J keys together. Guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change." (Clever.)
3) One member of the band, Gus, was an English Lit major like me!

They have an interesting sound. I'll admit they sound weird, and some people may not enjoy them. But I like what I hear most of the time... piano mixed with grit and half speaking, half singing. I think that's the beauty of them. They don't sound like anyone else, and they do have talent under the strange "not the norm" music. I'll let you be the judge, how about that?

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