journal day 9 :: beauty

Today's journal is about the one thing women are constantly questioning. Anybody who says they have never had a thought on this subject is lying. :) 

How would you say your upbringing or background has shaped your idea of beauty? Were you taught to apply makeup or do you hair by your mother or friends? If not, where did you observe what is now your norm as far as beauty practices? And although most of us have been inundated by different cultural beauty "norms" via the media, would you say that television and magazines have had a strong impact on shaping what you think of as beautiful? This week, write about your idea of beauty- how your background has shaped it and what that means for you today.

Growing up, I remember I loved my mom's nails. She had this container of pink and red nail polishes in her bathroom closet, and I loved to raid it. I am a nail biter, so that's probably why... I knew I would never have her nice, long nails. And someone told me once that red nail polish makes short nails look even shorter, so there goes that dream. But other than that, I would say magazines shaped my idea of beauty at a young age. Not in a bad way, and not concerning weight or anything like that. I enjoyed teen magazines like any girl and the makeup was always my favorite thing to look at. Nobody taught me how to do my makeup that I can remember, but my mom's favorite brand was MAC, so she bought me that a lot. I wasn't obsessed with makeup or hair, but I admired a job well done in Teen People

Today, that background means that I go with the times, but I don't overdo anything. I am my own person. I follow trends, but not every single crazy thing. I enjoy makeup and finding the right ones for me is always fun. Simplicity is key. I don't believe in spending hours upon hours doing your hair and makeup, but I do believe in putting your best foot forward. After all, the world usually sees your face before they know anything about you. Beauty has so much to do with confidence, and not just a face full of makeup. I think if you present yourself confidently, makeup just enhances that. And I think that's the real meaning of "natural beauty."

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